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    How are YOU delivering value to YOUR customers?

    Increase your Sales, Improve your Profit

    Creating VALUE and building TRUST

    How to improve sales and more

    Delivering more in value than I take in payment

    A wealth of experience

    How can I help you and your business?

    Are you a business owner or MD looking to grow your company? Then good news – I help all types of businesses and I can help you with yours. Whether you want to increase sales, improve profit, boost your confidence, deal with conflict or plan for the future, I will share my skills with you.

    You are potentially on the first step of achieving your growth plans right now.

    You will be taken on a high growth journey. We will start by setting the strategy, developing actions plans, a marketing plan and much more. You will dictate the pace of growth, I will help you stay focused. There are Government funds to help you. What have you got to lose?

    You will receive more in value than you make in payment. That is the philosophy of a true Go-Giver.

    You will be working with me, Peter Dickinson, a high growth business and sales consultant. I’m an Accredited Sales trainer and speaker for Go Giver International, the ethos that is guaranteed to rocket your sales performance.

    You can check out my credentials on the Institute for Independent Business website . I have a demonstrable track record of delivering profitable results for my clients. Check out their testimonials to see if you’d like to join them.

    We will address your customer service because this is key. You do not want to be winning new customers while you are steadily losing old ones. Together we will work on your Marketing Plan to decide which route provides most benefit for lowest cost. Then we will embed a Sales culture into your enterprise and introduce a winning process.

    To find out how I can help you, please take a look at my sales training process and my strategy to increase your sales.

    Improve your Performance

    You will be working with a registered and certified Go-Giver Coach and Speaker, providing expert, tailored advice to help ambitious businesses achieve rapid, sustainable growth.

    Unlock your Potential

    The business people I coach are from a wide range of companies, everything from small business owner managers to corporations. I help them to drive their businesses forward to the next level while motivating and educating their teams. I help them achieve their aspirations whilst maintaining harmony with their workforce.

    Win more Sales

    I will start with an analysis of where you are compared with where you want to be. I will also perform an assessment of your current Sales process and your Sales staff. Then together we can work out what steps we need to take to reach your target.