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1% of our customers dislike us

1% of our customers dislike us


I know! A very strange way to promote your business isn’t it? I want you to think about what messages you use in your Marketing or publicity material. We all know a better headline would be “99% of our customers love us” and that is what would grab people’s attention. That is the emotion you would wish to evoke, isn’t it?

This is all about ‘framing’ what you have to say. The emotions you stir when presenting information is very important to the effect you wish to have as a result. This is covered really well by Daniel Kahneman in his book ‘Thinking Fast and Slow’.

Are you presenting yourself in the best possible light? This is not about ‘Sales-speak’ but thinking about how your messages are perceived by potential customers.

Imagine we were speaking about the English cricket team playing Australia in the Ashes second test match this month at Lords. We could say “Australia won” and we could also say “England lost”. Both are true statements but one draws up an image of a brilliant performance by the visitors, whilst the other makes us think the home team didn’t try hard enough.

We could all do better at framing what we say, to have better results with our Marketing, which in turn will increase our Sales.

Also, consider framing your messages by way of what your customers will lose if they don’t buy your product or service. We humans have a stronger emotional feeling when we think we might lose something than we do if we think we might gain something. This is Darwinian. We evolved by steering clear of danger.

To me, Marketing is all about ‘shaping the ammunition’ and Sales is about firing that ‘ammunition’ at specifically chosen targets.

If you need any help with framing your business for success, I would like to point out that 1% of my clients would not recommend me – and you can become one of the 99% that would!

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