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Case Studies in sales training coaching

Every one of my clients provides positive feedback. I promote them whenever I can. Here’s a selection of some more in-depth case studies:

Business accelerator in e-commerce business – profit doubled in six months

Nigel needed some new ideas for his online business that had been trading for nearly three years. The first step was to apply for a small grant. Using that funding, we drew up his new Sales and Marketing strategy. We looked at how his business was being portrayed to the outside world and made some fundamental changes to his Marketing messages.

Next we identified who his best customers were and set out to win more of those. I set up sales meetings with large prospects like a Primary Care Trust near Manchester,which resulted in orders multiplying by a factor of ten!

We introduced means by which Nigel could be sure of repeat business. We looked at costs in the business and improved margins.

Together we set up sales campaigns with targeted messages to increase awareness and generate more leads. The result of this effort was a doubling of profit in the six months I worked with Nigel. He is now in good shape to continue the work on his own and accelerate his new growth.

Nationwide transport specialist, trading for over 50 years and turnover of £2.5M

When Neil had to reduce the working hours of his HGV servicing business and lay off staff he made contact to see if there was any help available. We set out a Sales and Marketing Plan to convince local haulage firms that this family run business could provide quality service at an affordable price. As well as defining the strategy, I provided the practical help to make it work. First a list of potential customers was drawn up. I then explained to Neil what messages to use and helped him draw out his Unique Selling Points. Then I wrote the ‘script’ and set to work on it with Neil.

I accompanied Neil to meetings as his Sales Director. Together we landed new contracts for servicing with Fleet Managers. I also found a Business Link grant which we used to extend the work we were doing. This drove even more new customers to Neil.

The business has now made an early recovery and is looking to re-employ old staff members in its Fleet Services division. This was achieved by gaining access to large fleet users that require local service organisations. One example is setting up a working relationship with DHL, the largest company in their field. Underlying all of this work was the ‘knowledge transfer’, which allowed Neil to continue this work once our brief was achieved.

Equality and Diversity procedures writer attains £2 million turnover in six months

This client writes procedures so that companies are compliant in the Equality and Diversity legislation passed in May 2011. The owner, Alan, had chosen which small providers he would use in each area of the UK to deliver the service. What he didn’t have was any consistency across those providers. It was clear he needed a single sales process to address all of the issues and to roll out to his regional suppliers.

I set about writing his Sales manual. This contained a step by step approach to finding new clients and using those clients to find
even more. Using best practice, we were able to demonstrate how all of the service providers could achieve high value sales. This meant writing new processes from scratch and providing hands-on training. Using this new approach, the regional providers were able to achieve much more new business. This resulted in £2 million worth of new business in six months.

Business turn-around in bathroom supplier – loss to profit in six months

Russ changed his business account to NatWest. His relationship manager recommended he make contact with us to help recover his loss-making business. Previously Russ had concentrated on working with trades people and his company name did not reflect what he offered. Given the state of finances, we needed to produce high-impact, low-cost awareness.

Together we came up with a clearer trading name and introduced new company branding. Taking this further, we designed a new website and marketing messages. 5,000 flyers went out to local homes with a smart ‘call to action’ to bring in business.

The next focus was the showroom, which was used by bathroom fitters as their ‘specification centre’. We were able to present NatWest with a new Business Plan, Profit and Loss, Cash Flow forecast and marketing strategy. This gave them the confidence to provide Russ with the funds he needed to re-furbish his showroom.

We arranged a public relations event to re-launch the business using local media and the office of the local Mayor. The business also attracted new clients in the local area and as far afield as Milton Keynes. In just two years it has turned from making a loss to a sound business with forecast earnings of £500k.

Start-up Care-Worker agency achieved turnover of £250k in first year

On deciding she would follow her vocation and open her own care agency, Faith contacted me for help. Having worked in the industry for over twelve years, she knew all about the profession but not a great deal about starting a new business.

I guided her through the steps required for a start-up. I helped with the business plan, banking, overdraft facilities, invoice financing (factoring) and even found offices for her. We developed the marketing strategy, the logo, the brochures, the website – everything. Then we worked on what would be her Unique Selling Points to ensure a take-up of her services.

Being a heavily regulated industry, I guided Faith through the required legislation. Once trading, I helped with the sales and
marketing strategy and set up appointments with Care Homes and the Local Authority where she could explain how she delivers value. We also secured a Business Link grant. This grant was then used to further develop the marketing strategy and help with branding. After just three months of trading, Faith had twenty agency staff members and care work in seven different care homes.

German software house, £15M turnover, enters UK market for first time

This client from Berlin is a large successful software services provider. They were thinking about selling their solutions in the UK. However they were unsure about the size of the potential market and whether their products would be acceptable to a UK audience.

Our first task was to write a Market Analysis from a UK perspective. This took into account the state of the UK economy, the projected spend on IT, the projected spend on software and their target market for prospects. This Market Analysis was presented to their board in Germany. We were given the go-ahead to move to phase two.

I looked at their Marketing material, their USP and their website to make sure they were properly addressing UK prospects and that their translations were adequate. Then I set up appointments with decision makers in large corporate businesses to see if the client’s solutions were needed in the UK. These included British Airways, T-Mobile, SAP, Pitney Bowes, Marshals, Ideal Standard, Thyssen Krupp and Barceló Hotels.

I set up and chaired the meetings so that the client could explain how their software solutions would deliver business benefit. I was delighted to enable this client to have open dialogue with senior people in large target organisations. This has set them on the road to a successful and profitable entry into the UK.

Dutch software house, £18M turnover, starts UK revenue stream for first time

Having been very successful in their home market for twenty years, this client made contact to ask for help in finding customers in the UK. They had already done their own assessment of the UK market and were confident their solutions would sell here. I helped them recruit a small team of staff in the UK, comprising of Sales and Technical Support. Then I led their sales campaigns into large Financial Services companies.

Within nine months they secured a solid revenue stream from Barclays Bank, ING Leasing and Corporate Express. Winning the first customer in a new market is always the hardest part of any campaign, since there are no previous references. We were then able to consolidate those wins and sell more of their software solutions. The client could then move forward in broadening their approach in the UK and target other business sectors.

Lighting showroom and electrical contractor accelerates growth

Ian inherited his business from his father two years previously and wanted to re-shape the direction of the company. I asked Ian to widen his upstairs showroom and tidy up the rest of the premises. Then a PR event was arranged which included the Mayor, the Deputy Mayor and the Chairman of North Yorkshire County Council. The local radio station broadcast from his showroom and articles appeared in six regional newspapers.

We arranged to send out a flyer to Ian’s customer database telling them about the event. Its opening words were “Let there be light…” The following twelve months of trading saw an exponential lift in profits from the showroom.

Electrical contract work formed the other side of the business. I suggested we carry out an opinion survey for the staff and introduce a bonus scheme to improve productivity. This has resulted in massive savings of the owner’s time and quicker invoicing. Customers no longer quibble about their bills. They sign for the work completed on-site and then they pay their bills more promptly. This reduced a large outstanding debt list down to a more manageable amount. We also introduced the business to North Yorkshire County Council, Harrogate Borough Council and 62 local schools, which means they have taken on new staff.

By taking a look at the advertising spend with Yellow Pages, we managed to half the cost. The savings were used to pay for a state-of-the-art website, where customers can now buy the light fittings online. This has expanded the reach of the showroom beyond the borders of Yorkshire and created a brand new revenue stream. The result to date is a more profitable showroom, more profitable contract side, a growth in staff numbers and a profitable e-commerce site. This has been a true growth story that unfolded in the worst recession in living memory.