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Five steps to a better Sales team

Five steps to a better Sales team


To raise your sales team from average to high performing and really drive your business forward to where you know it should be, here’s what you need.

1. The Correct Sales Staff: You know the saying that you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear? Well, if you’ve got somebody who just isn’t right for sales, you’ll soon find out. Great sales people have a few key traits in common.You can even test for these when you’re recruiting so call us to find out how.You want people who among other things will be competitive, ambitious, confident, self-motivated, stubborn and resilient. If you’ve got sales people who don’t match this at all, and sales are very poor, perhaps that’s the place to look.

2. A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system: When you’re following up on tens or hundreds of enquiries, you need a slick way to organise yourself never to miss a call back. You also must keep track of the history of interactions, so if a sales person leaves or is off sick, you’re able to pick up exactly where they left off.

3. A Proven Sales Process: When you’ve got a growing business, you want to have a method of training new sales staff to get them performing highly as quickly as possible. A solid sales process is a vital element of this. If you or your sales team are not following a process, you’re losing sales, simple as that. A good sales process will have a few key steps and will be supported by some sales materials. While this may sound complicated, it can be put together very quickly to give your business the edge over your competition.

4. Activity Based Management: This is the secret weapon to super-sales. Once you’ve got the other parts in place (and even if you don’t), the single biggest thing you can do to increase sales dramatically is to start measuring activity as well as results.Most business owners just look at flimsy sales figures once a month and say “hmm, these could be better”. Instead, you can get daily or weekly activity reports to make sure your sales staff are busy doing all the right things that will result in more sales.

5. Constant Sales Education: Great performers never stop learning. The top sports people study their own performances to see how they can do better next time. They look for new techniques that will give them the edge.Top business and sales people are exactly the same. How many books, audio CDs or DVDs of sales training do your team get through each year? In most places it’s zero. No wonder their sales struggle.
Get your staff learning and watch the increase in earning.

Outlined above are the five key stages to Core Sales, a powerful set of processes to lift your sales performance from average to exceptional.
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