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How to win more business – 1

How to win more business – 1


Customers are the lifeblood of any business. How can you do more with the customers you have and how can you win new customers?
Here are five hot tips to give you that little “umph” on your road to a healthier business.

Tips to win more business :

1. Find the Decision Maker: Make sure you are dealing with the person that holds the budget. Ask them open questions like “how are you doing this at the moment?” Find out their need, their timescale and their budget. Do not forget to ASK for the business. You would be amazed how often this is forgotten!

2. Build a relationship: It is true – people buy from people. Once you have built a rapport with your prospect you can start to educate them about your products and services. Remember we have two ears and one mouth and they should be used in that ratio. Telling is not selling.

3. Stay in the cycle: Keep your prospective customers informed during the sales cycle. The sale might not be made on the first time you meet but they will have taken away an impression of you. Send them updates to products and services to remind them you are still trading and wish to have them as a customer. Send them relevant news articles with, “saw this and thought you would find it interesting”.

4. Use social networking: Internet sites like Facebook and LinkedIn have huge potential to drive traffic to your website. Start a Twitter account and send messages about what is going on in your business. This need only be once a day and then every week or so have some special offer to catch people’s interest. Make sure your website is attractive to visitors and that it is easy for them to make a purchase.

5. Listen for the buying signal: Stop talking when your prospect has indicated that they are sold on the solution. Messages such as “when can you start?” and “can you deliver next week?” mean you should stop and write out the order/contract.

Look out for five more tips on how to win more business – 2.

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