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How to win more business – 2

How to win more business – 2


Five more tips to win more business.

1. Repeat customers are best: Make sure your after-sales care is good and Customer Service is faultless. Think about what else you can sell to your customer, that is, the ‘up-sell’ and ‘cross-sell’. Ask for referrals but what you really want are ‘ambassadors’- those customers that speak highly of you without being prompted.

2. Understand your market: Your product or service is not necessarily needed by everyone. Consider how your customers buy and why they buy. Is there a demographic trend? Do you have a certain type of business or consumer that you provide for? Is there a certain time when they buy? Could they buy more often? Work out trends and define who you should target.

3. Define the Business Benefit: Think about what it is that you provide and how this matches your customer’s needs. By identifying a business (or personal) need in your prospect, make sure your service or product fulfills the need. Always try to put a monetary value on the benefit. That way, there will be less pressure to discount.

4. Write a Plan: A Sales & Marketing Plan is essential for keeping you on track with your activities. Make it for one year and work the plan. Ask your new customers how they found you and put more emphasis on the marketing budget in those areas. Don’t spend time and money on impulse marketing, stick to the plan.

5. The power of the brand: Is your message consistent across your letter heads, your email signature, your website, your vehicle, your business card, your flyers and your adverts? Make sure your customers and prospects are seeing one standard ‘image’ of your business.

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